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Session Three: Alignment with Ren

This Week’s Focus

This week, our focus shifts to the importance of alignment. You'll learn a framework for discussing alignment, get tips for conducting effective 1:1s, and discover how Ren can assist in building alignment.

Live Session

We'll begin by identifying areas of misalignment you're currently experiencing, whether it's related to the purpose of a project or roles and responsibilities. Next, we'll introduce a framework to help you establish alignment. With Ren, we'll prepare for a 1:1 meeting, a key place to foster alignment. After the exercise, we'll take time to reflect, respond to any questions, and tackle challenges that emerged.


We've curated a selection of resources to support your transformative journey. These materials have been chosen to provide you with the foundational knowledge necessary to fully embrace and embody the core principles of Refound.


Good Alignment

Good Alignment is about closing the gap between the goals you have for your organization and the goals the humans on your team have for themselves. When you have Good Alignment, your team is highly engaged, self-motivated, and owns the growth and responsibilities of their role.


Soul of the Role

Soul of the Role is the essence of one's professional role that goes beyond tasks to encompass deeper meaning, personal values, and impact on the organization and oneself. It represents how aligning one's work with personal growth and purpose can enhance both job satisfaction and overall organizational success.


Having completed the provided resources, it's time to apply your newfound knowledge through Ren. Prepare to engage in meaningful conversations that will allow you to internalize and embody the principles you've learned.

Conversation | Prepare for a 1:1.

1:1s are an opportunity for you to foster alignment and support your team's success in their positions. Set aside 10 minutes before your 1:1s to prepare alongside Ren. Ren will assist you in identifying key topics for discussion with your team member during the session and define the desired outcomes of the meeting. ​To begin this conversation:
Log in to Ren
Click “Prepare for a 1:1 meeting”

Conversation | Help someone own their role.

This conversation with Ren will help you create a Soul of the Role for yourself. At the end of the conversation you will receive a draft Soul of the Role that you can share with your manager for discussion.
To begin this conversation:
Log in to Ren
Click “Help someone own their role”


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